Amara La Negra has been caught scamming her fans, into believing that she has naturally “light eyes.” But according to a person close to the family, most of Amara’s look is fake.

Amara, who identifies as Afro-Latina, has a striking look. She has light grey eyes, and a giant afro. But according to her family friend – both are FAKE!!

The family insider told MTO News that Amara’s eyes are NOT naturally light. And they provided receipts to their assertion. The family friend sent in proof – baby pictures of Amara – where you can clearly see she has dark brown/black eyes.


On Amara’s published biography, she claims that she has “natural” grey colored eyes.

Amara, real name Dana Danelys De Los Santos, is an Dominican American musician and multi-talented artist. She is best known for being on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. 

Before becoming a reality star, Amara made a name for herself in the reggaeton sex-infused anthems such as “Muevelo”. She released the song, “Ayy” which became a hit in Latin America. The music video for the song shows a provocative Amara La Negra exercising her sexual freedom. 

For the next three years, Amara La Negra would put out single after single as an unsigned artist.

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