Rapper Playboi Carti’s tour rider was leaked – and it listed what the rapper retires in his dressing room before every concert.

Some of the items on the list were pretty basic – like soda, ice, and towels.

But the rapper also had a few things on the list that were a bit off. For example, the rapper – who wars his hair in dreads, asked to have two durags waiting for him.

Second, the rapper – who dates Caucasian rapper Iggy Azalea – asked for a jar of mayonnaise. He didn’t ask for bread, or sandwich meat, just a jar of mayo.

Here’s the rider:

Playboi Carti, real name Jordan Terrell Carter, is a buzzing young rapper and songwriter. Formerly signed to Atlanta-based underground label Awful Records, he is currently signed to A$AP Mob’s AWGE Label and Interscope Records. His eponymous debut mixtape was released on April 14, 2017, and his debut studio album Die Lit was released on May 11, 2018.[

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