Beyonce’s name is no longer “Beyonce Knowles-Carter,” The queen is dropping her husband’s last name MTO News has confirmed.

Beyonce changed her last name legally to “Knowles-Carter” just a few months after she and Jay Z got married. And she kept the name – up until now.

A few months ago, Beyonce started going by her maiden name, and that’s causing speculation among those around the couple. Some are even speculating that she and Jay Z may be having marriage problems again.

Beyonce and Jay Z went through a difficult point in their marriage – when she caught her husband cheating on her with multiple women. At the time, Beyonce claims that she considered divorce.

But the couple seemed to have moved past all that . . . but maybe they didn’t.

And MTO News receipts to go along with this report. Beyonce recently registered three new songs with ASCAP. And none of them feature “Knowles-Carter”. 

Since her marriage, her music is always credited with her full name. Now its just Beyonce Knowles. The track titled Miss. Melanin, referring to an unmarried women, is interesting too!

“My Body”

(Writers: Crystal Johnson, Beyoncé Knowles, Tony Reyes, Alonzo Stevenson)


(Writers: Solána Rowe, James Blake Litherland, Beyoncé Knowles)

“Miss. Melanin”

(Writers: Beyoncé Knowles, Khaled Mohamed Khaled, Amber Denise Streeter, Ingrid Burley)

And look at the last title – “Miss Melanin.” Shouldn’t that be “Mrs Melanin,” if she’s a married woman???

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