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Michelle Weaver Oprah Winfrey Will Catlett 'Love Is' Premiere at Neuehouse in Hollywood

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Clips From OWN’s Hit Show “Love Is___”

We’re huge fans of Mara Brock Akil’s latest project “Love Is ___” on OWN and have been truly enjoying watching the love affair between Nuri (Michele Weaver) and Yasir (Will Catlett) as it blossoms — all with a nostalgic Hollywood background and throwback TV set as the setting for most of the action. We’re pretty sad that we’ve finally reached the finale for Season 1 but also excited to see what happens.

We got a little sneak rundown on tonight’s action. Check out the first clip below, where Yasir shares good news with Nuri:

Here’s a brief synopsis of tonight’s action:

An old flame wants to resurrect his romance with Nuri (Michele Weaver), Yasir (Will Catlett) finds a place to stay, and Sean (Tyrone Marshall Brown) reveals something personal to Yasir. Plus, Nuri asks Yasir an important question before she makes a shocking discovery about his script.

Tuesday, August 21 (10 p.m. – 11 p.m. ET/PT) Episode: Love Is Engagement

Hit the flip for more clips

Nuri Explains Why She Wouldn’t Change Her Past Abuse

One thing we love about this show and Nuri and Yasir’s relationship is that it really gets into issues that the black community often tries to avoid. We were somewhat surprised when Nuri revealed she’d been sexually abused, but we probably shouldn’t have been because it’s not like it isn’t something that MANY women have survived. Think about how many of us would have had far healthier relationships if we could open up about our traumas in the way that Nuri and Yasir do on this show.

Yasir Questions Ruby After Walking in on Her With a Guy

Another great part of “Love Is ___” is the way the characters are allowed to show dimension — Yasir can still question his ex and she is allowed to fully embrace her needs and sexuality. We really liked Ruby’s character on the show. Did anyone feel bad for her?

Sean Reveals He’s Ready to Make Big Changes in His Life

We also really loved the relationship between Yasir and Sean. It’s dope to see how a friendship between black men can be another type of love. Also it’s great that this show is all about black people following their dreams. We can’t wait to see how Sean’s journey develops next season.

So, now that you’ve watched all the clips, are you excited for tonight’s episode of “Love Is___”?

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